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November 5th, 2022

The Walkathon is a great event, bringing everyone in the RHS community together to have fun, get some exercise, and raise money for our school!

It's also a day-long event that needs lots of volunteers to run smoothly.  Here's a quick rundown of the major ways to help:

1) Registration and Check out Help check walkers in and out, to ensure they get proper credit for the kilometers they walk.   Light duty is at the center of the action.


2) Course Stations - There are 8 stations along the 1 KM course. Each station needs to be staffed by 2-3 volunteers at all times.  Duties include catching rays, handing out water to the kids, and generally keeping order.  Several shifts are available.


3) Food - We need people to hand out popsicles and sandwiches to the walkers, and sell pizza and water while they last.


4) Floaters and Course clean-up. Perfect for those planning to walk! If you see trash along the course, pick it up and deposit it in the trash at the next station. If you see a station that needs attending, stop and take a break, and call the volunteer coordinator to let them know that the station is empty.


5) Runners - Walk or run the reverse of the course, and take popsicle sticks from the previous station to replenish the next one.


6) Setup & Cleanup - Perfect for anyone who would rather not volunteer during the event!  Help the Dad's Club put the course together, set up the Registration Area, or take everything down at the end.


Take a look at the list below, find the shift time(s) you can work and the job you'd like to do.


Thank you for helping make the Walk-A-Thon fun for everyone!


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